Suspension Setups

Suspension Setup's

A Truly Bespoke Experience...

So you may have a nice new spanky Sports bike, you may have an Enduro style adventure bike or maybe your preference is a Tourer, does all this talk of setting up suspension really matter..?

Simply put, yes...  The process of setting up a motorcycle to handle at its optimum is a detailed process which involves, Me, your bike and you.  Yes, You.  
You will hear of people using magazine settings and settings that other people have suggested, even of people setting up a bike without the rider, but to put it bluntly this is sub-standard.   No 2 people are the same weight and no 2 people have the same riding style and no 2 people have exactly the same bike, even if they did have the same bike the manufacturing tolerances in OEM Suspension is wide enough to see 2 machines have varying degrees of adjust-ability.

Having your motorcycle setup to your specific weight and riding style will allow a great many benefits which will include greater plushness, increased traction, greater feel and predominantly the ability for the bike to go where you point it, Improved Tyre wear and increased rider confidence.

You will often see magazines setting motorcycle suspension up using the bike alone, this does allow for the bike to get a balanced setup but at what point does the bike ride itself..?  Placing a rider on the bike will have an affect like no other, this is why sag is so important and it also allows us to assess the spring rates fitted to the bike.   We are not looking at a Race Bike which has Suspension Data Analysis fitted to it, the process there is different again.

We would start the session by checking the machines geometry and setting the rider sags to the appropriate numbers, we will then check the bikes numbers without you the rider.  Next we will check the Rebound damping (spring return) which has a direct correlation to the bikes pre-load (spring sag).  Once this is done we will set the bikes compression damping and then ask you to go for a test ride on a local pre determined route.  Upon return we will re examine the damping settings and ask some very simple questions of you, if required we will make further changes to the bikes settings. 

Depending on the spec of your machine may depend on what OEM suspension is fitted, some is more adjustable than others, if this is the case do not worry as we will adjust where we can and we can advise you of any suitable ugrades that would be worthy of a future investment.  

The Ride in-Ride out service is a pre bookable service, so call today to book in for a consultation and experience the benefit that you will find from a bespoke Suspension Setup.  Price £40.00
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